The new TWIN POWER XD has been redesigned and refined to set a new standard in saltwater durability.

Now featuring exclusive Shimano reel technology upgrades such as Micro Module Gear II, MGL Rotor and Silent Drive, it's built to be both lighter and stronger.

Suited to inshore light jigging and lure casting. The Micro Module Gear II and Silent Drive makes the gearing extremely silent and smooth.

The main Hagane Gear provides strong cranking power and X-Protects provides superior saltwater resistance.

The redesigned Long Stroke Spool provides improved casting distance and the new MGL Rotor delivers ultra-light friction free rotation. Ci4+ construction reduces weight by 35 to 55 grams when compared to the original TWIN POWER XD from 2017 and the aluminium Hagane Body provides rigidity.

Featuring a Cross Carbon Drag system that outputs up to 11kg and all models are fitted with upgraded power handle knobs.

These bearings have been through the same process as our A-RB bearings, but feature shields on both sides of the bearings that reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearings rotation.
By supporting the pinion gear on both ends with our S-ARB bearings and integrating a bigger drive gear, Shimano increased the gearing efficiency and power. This results in a fishing reel with ultra-light handle rotation, giving a perfect rotation even under heavy loads.

Shimano New Zealand provides a TEN YEAR WARRANTY on all Shimano fishing reels, against defects in materials and/or faulty workmanship.

HAGANE Body means this reel has a high rigidity and zero twist. The body stiffness and impact resistance virtually eliminates body flexing. The result transforms the anglers actions directly into cranking power. It's efficiency through strength.

HAGANE Gear is at the very heart of the reel and creates strength and durability. The entire cold-forging process is calculated in minute detail by special 3D design and the result is precision durability.

The re-designed Magnumlite Rotor delivers ultra light, almost friction free rotation, enabling you to control the retrieve with ultimate precision and sensitivity. Lures become even more animated when using a MGL Rotor reel, and the ultra light experience lets you feel every movement of the lure, the bottom and ultimately the strike of the fish, no matter how slight it is.

X-Protect is a water resistant technology that combines water repellent treatments and a labyrinth type structure to suppress the entry of water.

The surfaces of the Drive Gear and Pinion Gear have been analysed and updated from the ground up in pursuit of perfection. Starting from an already industry leading standard, reduced reel noise and even smoother gear feeling has been achieved.

We have upgraded our light-weight carbon material Ci4. Keeping it light-weight, rigidity and durability of the material under fishing conditions is highly improved. From the characteristic, we were able to reduce the volume and weight of the rotor and the body

Shimano ARC Spool, is a patented spool design with an angled spool lip. This design enables the line to leave the spool with less friction and in smaller coils, resulting in longer, more accurate casts. ARC Spools are proven to reduce backlash and wind-knots when using braid. 

From the body design through to the most intricate parts of the drive train including the drive gear, worm shaft, worm shaft pin and worm shaft gear, every piece has been carefully reviewed. Consequently, the smallest clearance gaps and wobbles have been eliminated to the highest tolerances

The 'Long Stroke Spool' design helps improve casting performance when compared to the previous model due to improved line flow from the spool

Rigid Support Drag eliminates spool movement and wobble, even at light drag settings. The result is an incredibly smooth drag even at extremely light settings.

The One Piece bail wire has no gap for line to snag on during normal operation. Made of Stainless Steel, it reduces friction and allows the line to get onto the line roller more efficiently. While reducing the chance of tangles or cuts to the bail arm. 

G Free Body technology has been developed to shift the reel's centre of gravity closer to the rod. This has been achieved by moving the worm shaft oscillation mechanism 19mm from the bottom of the reel to the top. By moving the centre of gravity closer to the anglers hand position. The G Free Body helps to reduce fatigue and enhance casting comfort.

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TP XD C3000