Shimano has been leading the way with engineering technologies since 1921 and can offer anglers the most advanced and quality fishing reels on the market today.

Shimano Fishing New Zealand's spinning reel range is substantial, this means that there is a spinning reel to suit any style of fishing and at any price bracket. The Stella model is Shimano's top of the line series and comprises all of the technological advances that have set Shimano apart from their competitors

The centerpiece of a number of Shimano spin reels is HAGANE, the cold forging process that makes the gearing and reel bodys of Shimano reels the strongest on the market.

Shimano also has an extensive range of game fishing reels with the Tiagra series being the benchmark of reels in this category. Shimano's cold forged technology means that Shimano reels can offer the strongest and thickest frames able to take on the mightiest of game fish species.