Shimano Waxwing lures are the next generation of hard-bodied lure for saltwater fisherman. Simply cast your Shimano Waxwing and allow it to sink to the desired depth where the fish are holding then begin a steady retrieve. This lure's innovative design imparts an enticing side-to-side action that sparks prey drive which predatory species like cod, kahawai, snapper, kingfish and tuna find irresistible.

The Shimano Waxwing lure is extremely versatile and can be fished in shallow water estuaries to right out in the deep blue benthos where predators await.

The Shimano Waxwing lure range comes in three sizes (88mm/25grams, 118mm/45grams and 138mm/62grams) and in seven enticing colour options - to see the full range visit your local Shimano tackle dealer.