The revolutionary Shimano Sephia Egixile squid jigs have been designed in 3 colour schemes to cover different environmental and light conditions - “natural” for clear water shallow water during the day light hours, “shrimp/prawn” when squid are being cautious and “Keimura” for deep water or lower light conditions.

The intuitive “Keimura” cloth is activated by UV light. UV light travels further in the water column than sunlight to give your jig more presence and glow where sunlight cannot reach.

New Zealand has a great squid fishery and available to most shore and boat based anglers - simply cast your Sephia Egixile jig around areas that have a bit of weed and structure and slowly retrieve and twitch your lure - when you feel a slow heavy weight come on the to the rod you have a squid - they make great eating and fantastic bait for most species like cod, bass, trumpeter, snapper, trevally, kingfish, bluenose and billfish.

Call in to your local Shimano tackle retailer and check them out today.