A next generation in the world of light jigging is the Shimano Coltsniper Wonderfall.
These jigs, which come in four weights from 30 to 80 grams, are beautifully finished off — as Japanese designed lures traditionally are — with a choice of 5 colours and eye-catching holographic sheet worked into the finish.
The Wonderfall has a unique irregular falling action, with a slow flutter then a faster slide making it perfect for high and low current environments.
Rigged with twin chemically sharpened assist hooks, it is perfect for Trevally, Kingfish, Snapper, Gurnard, Kahawhai, John-Dory and more.
Once you have reached your desired depth engage your reels drag and simply perform a big slow lift of the rod tip and a slowly retrieve line on to the reel as you drop the rod tip. Predators will strike in both phases of the lift/drop so be prepared for a hook up at any stage.