The Shimano Colt Sniper Jig System are a wersatile metal jigs mimic natural small food items such as anchovy, pilchard and whitebait which spark prey drive in larger predators that are looking for an easy meal - after all elephants eat peanuts!

Colt Sniper Flatfall - The design of this unique flat sided jig creates a “flutter” action as it falls in to the strike zone mimicking a wounded prey item and suspends longer in the water column for increased visibility to predators like snapper, kahawai and john dory.

Available in five proven colours (Silver/Chartreuse, Blue Pilchard, Blue, Pink, Silver, Pink/lumo and Orange/Gold) and in four weights (21g, 28g, 35g, 42g and 55g) across the range.

The technique for Shimano Colt Sniper Flat-Fall Jigs are best described is a slow and exaggerated “mechanical jig" action that most kiwi anglers would have become familiar with over the recent years.

Once you have reached your desired depth engage your reels drag and simply perform a big slow lift of the rod tip and a slowly retrieve line on to the reel as you drop the rod tip. Predators will strike in both phases of the lift/drop so be prepared for a hook up at any stage.

Shimano Colt Sniper Jigs come pre-rigged with a quality assist hook, assist cord, split and solid rings - so you can have confidence that once hooked up you stay connected.