Should you need to quickly change rigs or find a particular jig that is doing the damage during a hot bite, it pays to have all your gear on hand in one place and easily accessible. The Shimano Tackle Backpack keeps everything in its place, which means less aimless rummaging and more time catching the next fish. It is made from heavy duty materials that are designed to handle harsh saltwater conditions and heavy loads. This bag is also comfortable to carry for extended periods, looks great and is very practical. Best of all, it comes with 4 medium sized Shimano utility boxes. Sweet as!

Shimano Tackle Backpack Features:

  • Heavy duty 600D dobby material
  • Visual ID storage system for accessories
  • Holds 4 pieces of 360 size boxes (2 boxes included)
  • Padded mesh back for comfort
  • 4 Mesh side leader storage pockets
  • 7 Large zippered pockets for additional storage
  • 4 medium size Shimano utility boxes included