PR BOBBIN Accessories

Shimano's NEW PR Bobbin is lightweight, robust and simple to achieve stunning PR knots and binds with ease. The main body is made from a high impact plastic featuring a hard zirconium ring at the end - this disapates heat and causes less friction by allowing the braid to run more smoothly under tension.

The Shimano PR bobbin also has a built in line tensioner on the side, as well as double O-rings to lock the braid in prior to winding on the spool to prevent slippage. The Shimano PR Bobbin has been ergonomically designed in to a sleek form to reduce tangles during the tensioned spin phase when creating a braid-to-mono join.


PE# Rated: 1.5 - 8

Drag range: 2.0kg

Body: High Impact Plastic

Weight: 57g

Available from all good Shimano retailers nationwide