The Shimano Tiagra Ultra series of game and sport fishing rods raises the bar and sets the new bench mark for those kiwi anglers that head out wide to target the biggest fish that swim. The latest rod building techniques and scientific advancements rod construction have created a rod that is light, responsive, strong and big on performance. The Tiagra Ultra series has been built with comfort, style and practicality from the butt section to the roller tip and everything in between.

The Shimano Tiagra Ultra blank has been constructed using a blend of high pressure carbon and the latest in nano resin. This means that this series of rods have the advantages of carbon, such as, reduced overall weight with a responsive crisp action but also in the mix Nano particles that improve overall strength, lifting power and reduces the chance of hairline fractures occurring inside the blank.

The Tiagra Ultra is available in two models 30-50lb and 50-80lb both with detachable butt sections making it easy to change from straight butt to bent butt stand-up configurations.

When paired with a Shimano Talica 50II this gear really is a game changer!