The Shimano ABYSS range of 7 blue water centric rods have utilized only the best rod building technology available that has created a dynamic, lightweight yet very strong tamer of the powerful blue water species like kingfish, bass, hapuku, tuna, billfish and the mighty broadbill swordfish.

The design brief from the top was clear - engineer a series of rods that not only look the business cosmetically from the tip to the butt section but must complete MSL tests of well over specified line ratings at 45° and 60° respectively, also, the Shimano ABYSS range needed to be able to handle the tough rigours of day-to-day charter work - no easy task!!

So Shimano NZ in conjunction with Tony Orton from Offshore Adventures testing began and with only minor tweaks from the first cut samples the Shimano ABYSS range was born. Literally hundreds of hard fighting kingfish, hapuku, huge sharks and billfish have been caught using the entire Shimano ABYSS range that includes; PE8 Jig/livebait rods, 40-100lb switchbait rods and 3 stand-up straight and a stand-up bent butt game rod.