Straight from the Japanese Domestic Market catalogue comes the new Shimano LightGame SS Moderato (Soul of Lights) series of incredialbly light but strong parabolic rods, built using precision components and finished employing only the highest quality control practices available. Shimano LightGame SS rods represent a new era in overall weight reduction and strength. LightGame SS blanks are built on Shimano's patented SpiralX blanks, dressed in low profile Fuji SIC guides and have Ci4+ reel seats to complete this stunning series.

Shimano LightGame SS Moderato rods are suited to all manner of low profile bait caster reels but are most at home when paired to the NEW 'inshore' Shimano Plays 1000 and ForceMaster 3000 power assisted reels.
Available from all good Shimano retailers nationwide.