Shimano Jigwrex rods are designed for the tough rigors of jigging deep offshore pinnacles for species like kingfish, hapuka, bass and bluenose. The blanks are designed with Progressive Dual Stage features, which delivers jig actions easily and at the same time have tremendous lifting and fish turning power, which reduces angler fatigue.

The 100 - 240 gram Jigwrex Bottomship rods are fast gaining populatirty amongst softbaiters, Lucanus and Bottomship fishermen targeting snapper, cod, john dory and kingfish - whilst very light and responsive these rods punch well above their weight.

Shimano Jigwrex rods now sport two piece EVA grips- the front EVA has an Aggressive Power grip for firm control in hand while the rear EVA is chamfered flat at both sides for better underarm comfort when jigging for extended amounts of time.

The Shimano Jigrwrex range of overhead and spin rods feature chameleon painted blanks that produce stunning vivid tones of green and blue that change in various light conditions. These rods feature Fuji reel seats which team up nicely with the stunning chrome Fuji silicone carbide guides.