The Shimano Carbolite SW range of 4 versatile strayline/bait centric rods deploys SVX2 blank technology; which when combined with a set of custom low profile grips, Fuji reel seats and guides, creates a responsive, light and crisp stray line rod.

The rod development team at Shimano NZ are passionate strayline/bait enthusiasts and have designed the Carbolite SW range utilizing literally 1000's of combined hours targeting john dory, cod, kingfish and monster snapper soaking baits and have taken pride in getting this series just perfect for this style fishing.

The Shimano Carbolite SW range offers kiwi strayline fishers whether novices or aficionados the perfect tool for the job.

Available in both overhead and spin options and in two weights the Shimano Carbolite SW range has it covered.