DENDOU-MARU 9000 BM Electric

The Dendou-Maru 9000 features a powerful engine with a bonus auto jigging function. While a programmable line counter helps to let you know how deep you are fishing, and a level wind lays the line evenly on the spool. For the purists, it's possible to disengage the 12 volt motor and make use of the power handle to retrieve line manually if you wish, but having that electric power there to assist sure makes life easier.

With 3 ARB bearings, 2 inch LCD display and a massive line capacity of 1150m of 80lb Power Pro braid. Shimano believes if this is your style of fishing this is the reel to have.

The Dendou-Maru 9000 Beastmaster is capable of retrieving a massive 150 meters of line per minute meaning that resetting for a new drift takes no time at all.

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These bearings have been through the same process as our A-RB bearings, but feature shields on both sides of the bearings that reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearings rotation.
Large LCD display with on-screen information such as program, line out, power and other relevant information

Shimano New Zealand provides a TEN YEAR WARRANTY on all Shimano fishing reels, against defects in materials and/or faulty workmanship.