Trigger X soft baits by Rapala Inc. are a new biodegradable lure with Ultrabite pheromones and have been extensively developed with years of laboratory and field tests to create a lure that is deadly on New Zealand's predatory species such as snapper, kahawai, john dory, blue cod, trumpeter, albacore tuna and kingfish.

The Trigger X range is available from all good tackle retailers nationwide, in three sizes and shapes (13cm Minnow, 10cm Minnow and 11cm Paddletail) and in six popular soft bait colours: Chartreuse/Glow, Herring, Mullet, New Penny, Electric Chicken and Rootbeer/Gold.

Trigger X soft baits can be rigged in conjunction with either a jig head or VMC worm hook and performs in shallow environments casting in to wash, drifting the channels or dropped down into the deep benthos under work ups.

To view the entire range of Trigger X softbaits visit your local tackle dealer and ask for it by name.