Shimano's Orca stickbaits are new for the 2012/13 New Zealand fishing season. These top water baits are designed with aerodynamic properties meaning longer and more accurate casts and once in the water provide an enticing action that predators like kingfish, tuna, mahimahi and giant trevally find irresistible. The proprietary internal weight position produces an erratic 'pop and dive' action even at low speed retrieve rates and minimal angler influence - these baits a born to swim!

Orca stick baits come pre-rigged with ultra sharp. high tensile treble hooks and are of wire-through construction meaning the terminal tackle is up to the tough rigors of top water lure fishing and high drag outputs from reels like the Stella 10000 SW.

Available in six popular baitfish profile colours and in three weights and lengths (47g/145mm, 58g/160mm and 88g/190mm) - the Orca stickbait perfect for New Zealand's conditions.

Check out the full range of Orca stickbaits at a Shimano retailer near you.