Shimano Lucanus Jigs when combined with a matching Shimano rod and reel combination is an exciting, simple and prosperous method to catch all manner of species - by simply dropping your Lucanaus to where the fish are holding and employing a slow retrieve predatory species pounce on the jig and hook themselves! With large glowing eyes and a squid-like appearance, the Lucanus Jig has been deadly on many bottom and mid-water species such as cod, trumpeter, snapper, kingfish and hapuka.

A hydrodynamic head design helps get the jig down to the strike zone fast as well as stabilising the jig during retrieve. Intensely coloured skirts flare during the drop, making these lures irresistible to predatory species.

The Shimano Lucanus range comes in a variety of weights making them a versatile lure at different depths - 60, 80, 100 and 150. Each weight is available in 6 spectacular colours (Pink Shrimp, Orange/White, Green/Gold, Chartreuse/White, Pink/White, Chartreuse Shrimp) spare skirts and hooks are also available from all good Shimano retailers.