Shimano Fishing New Zealand is excited to be releasing the Shimano Butterfly Flat-Fall jig in to the New Zealand market. The Butterfly Flat-Fall jig is a totally new concept jigging technique and has proved itself to be a performer on all predatory species found in New Zealand's waters.

Drop the Butterfly Flat-Fall jig down to the bottom then using a slow jerk retrieve it up 15 or so meters then free spool and repeat. If you are in the zone it wont be long before you are hooked up. This center balanced jig falls with a wobbling action in a horizontal position keeping the Butterfly Flat-Fall jig in the strike zone longer mimicking a wounded bait fish.

Available in four weights (80, 100, 130 and 160g) and in 4 hot bait fish colour (Pink-Blue, Black Anchovy, Blue Sardine and Phantom Squid) profiles.