PowerPro's engineers have developed a new hollow core line and their goal was simply to create the next generation performance hollow core line with superior structure, durability and connection strength - they exceeded expectation and came up with PowerPro Hollow-Ace.

PowerPro Hollow-Ace, as the name suggests, is hollow meaning it lays flat when packed on to a spool, which increases overall capacity when compared to round profile braided lines. Hollow-Ace also allows for the easy splicing of mono top-shots by way of a 'finger trap' weave for those anglers targeting large game fish species like kingfish, marlin, bluefin tuna or broadbill swordfish and not only want to take advantage of the extended capacity this line brings but also employ the 'elastic' properties that monofilament has acting as shock-absorber.

PowerPro Hollow-Ace utilizes a 16 spectra fiber construction to create superior connection strength and Enhanced Body Technology process creates incredibleabrasion resistance and strength to diameter ratio.

PowerPro Hollow-Ace is available in two weights - 100 and 130lb in hi-vis yellow and in bulk spools of 1500 yards.