BRAG MAT Accessories

There is a trending shift amongst kiwi fishos to be more conscience about releasing trophy sized fish that will ultimately assist in the overall health of New Zealand's unique fishery, this, along with the popularity of digital photography has seen Shimano develop it's Brag Mat allowing fish to be 'bench marked' on accurate length measurements rather than weighing or showing off a dead fish to prove a successful capture.

The Shimano Brag Mat has been constructed from hard wearing coated canvas that wont remove the fishes protective slime covering or damage it's scales or fins and allows for easy clean up. The Shimano Brag Mat has a solid plastic 'nose bar' for accurate measurements, 3 anti-rust nickel plated brass rivets and elastic webbing so the Brag Mat can be easily rolled up and stored on the boat or back pack when not in use.

Record your next trophy capture on a Shimano Brag Mat - available from all Shimano Fishing New Zealand retailers.